Energy Management – By advising clients through on-site inspection and surveying, we identify energy equipment upgrades that are paid for by the reduction in energy usage and costs and at no out-of-pocket expense to the client.

Electricity and natural gas purchasing – We help clients purchase electricity and natural gas at the lowest rate and best possible terms by getting competitive quotes from multiple retailers and making recommendations on when to execute a contract, for how long and with which retailer.

Demand response – By working with clients, retailers and the state, we establish programs to reduce client electricity usage during critical consumption periods and compensate clients for participating.

Back-up generation – Through consultation with clients, requirements are established and equipment installed to provide back-up generation for companies requiring electricity during critical periods or public entities requiring by regulation to have back-up generation

Displace Energy Contracts – By designing and installing generation, we assist clients in selling electricity into the grid for profit during peak demand periods.