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Energy Transaction Center (ETC) was created by AxisEnergy.Software to assist retail energy sales organizations, particularly electricity and natural gas brokers and agents, in transacting all sales between buyers and sellers. The Energy Transaction Center (ETC) can be adapted to any industry, product or service. It can be used in decentralized and centralized businesses on all professional levels, locations and devices.

AxisEnergy.Software is a Microsoft Partner and can provide the complete solution! We provide custom management, communication and security software needed to maximize profits and productivity.


AxisEnergy.Software provides standard and custom software to energy companies, particularly retail electricity and natural gas brokers, agents, retailers and clients. Software is also available for other companies needing to manage their energy information.

Energy Transaction Center (ETC) provides a CRM operating system that fully integrates with all Microsoft apps, e.g. Excel, Word and OneDrive .  It provides the fastest, easiest, most accurate, secure and least expensive way to manage every aspect of selling and managing electricity and natural gas.  AxisEnergy.Software provides all the capabilities to work in a decentralized and remote working environment that is becoming the new business operating standard. Contact us at to lean more, see a demo and get a free 30 day trial. 


AxisEnergy.Software has lower costs and greater services than other energy software companies. Our operating strategy is simple. We want to provide the best software at the lowest cost so energy professionals can do their job.

AxisEnergy.Software believes in decentrailized operations to reduce or eliminate office space and backoffice overhead. Our Energy Transaction Center (ETC) software pushes accountability to transactional agents and requires retailers to determine the best price to offer whether custom or matrix pricing. Agents do not need to decide which of the two retailer pricing methods should be used. All system information is transparent across the organization and available 24/7/365.


AxisEnergy.Software enables all levels of an organization to WorkAwayTM in any location on any device. You will reduce costs, improve efficiency and transact more business.

And we’ll show you how to decentralize your operations from selling to pricing to managing information. We provide options for commission processing, bookkeeping and payroll. You have access to all the Microsoft business software from email to word processing to spreadsheets and more that you have been using for years. All Microsoft app software integrates with the Dynamics 365 CRM platform so that you can WorkAwayTM wherever you are.   

Microsoft Partner

AxisEnergy.Software is a Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP) that provides Microsoft-related products, services, and support. AxisEnergy.Software is the first and only Microsoft energy retail sales CRM platform, helping electricity and natural gas brokers, retailers and clients, as well as other energy professionals.

AxisEnergy.Software uses Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 client resource managment (CRM) platform to help energy companies manage their information requirements. Dynamics 365 integrates with all Microsoft apps, including Excel, Word, Power Point and Outlook and others such as Teams, Sharepoint and One Drive.  Data is securely maintained in a cross-Microsoft-cloud service which meets national and international compliance obligations and standards including GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, NIST 800-53 and HIPAA.

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