June 2021 Latest Electricity Rates and News

Rick Lewis
Energy Advisor
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Newsletter – June 2021
Dear Dick,

I hope you find the following articles helpful in better understanding the electricity market so you can become a more informed buyer. I’m here to help you find the right price with the right electricity provider. If you have any questions about your service please contact me.

Current Electricity Rates

Current electricity rates for commercial service are very dependent on start date, usage, load factor and term. Check your current electricity invoice and call me. I’ll let you know if you have a good rate or help you renew.

Current electricity rates for residential service are also dependent on start date, usage, load factor and term. Check back later when we introduce three service residential rate service plans.

Understanding Your Electricity Bill

Your electricity bill has three primary components, i.e. 1) commodity rate, 2) distribution rate (sometimes called transportation rate) and 3) taxes. The commodity rate is what retailers are competing on. The distribution rate and tax rate are regulated. The total of the commodity rate and distribution rate times kWh of electricity used equals your electricity cost before taxes.

In different geographical areas there is a distribution company that has the exclusive right to distribute your electricity in your area. However, there are many retailers of electricity in deregulated areas that you may purchase electricity from. The retailer that sells electricity to you collects from you the commodity charge, distribution charge, and taxes.

When Should You Execute An Electricity Contract

Timing when to purchase electricity is just as important as when to purchase a stock. Generally there is a seasonality to buying electricity. You want to avoid executing in the high heat of summer or the low cold of winter. These periods usually have higher rates. Look at executing a short term contract to position yourself for an off peak period. Then when you’re ready look at pricing options out 1 to 9 years.

Execute A Contract Now To Start In The Future

Yes. But why do this? If you think electricity rates might increase in the future, you can sign a contract now to start 2 to 5 years in the future. The rate you pay starting on that future date will be the rate that is determined now. And you can do this with a different retailer then you are getting service from now. You will continue to get electricity service now at the rate you negotiated at the time you executed your current contract.

American Enerpower 

  • In business since 2002 lowering energy costs for clients with greater than 90% loyalty rate
  • Client savings to date exceeds $150 million
  • In excess of 6 billion kWh in negotiated contracts
  • Certified by Texas Public Utility Commission, Certs: 80131 and BR 190212




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